A certain level of stress is necessary to function and to motivate people to reach their potential. Too much stress, however, can harm our health and wellbeing. Stress can come from: the environment (eg. noise, pollution); physiological sources (eg. lack of sleep, lack of exercise, poor nutrition, illness, anxiety and muscle tension); social situations (eg. competing demands on time and attention, deadlines, interpersonal conflict and work performance requirements), and negative/interpretive thinking (eg. appraising an experience in a negative way, or self-judgement).

Stress Management and Stress Reduction

There are several ways of identifying, coping with or reducing stress. Depending on your current situation, personality, behaviour, current situation and lifestyle, various techniques are useful.

Helpful practices that I demonstrate or encourage may include: identifying stressful situations; time management skills; problem solving skills; communication skills; assertiveness training; conflict resolution; relaxation techniques, mindfulness, meditation, self-soothing and enjoyable activities; regular physical exercise; yoga, tai chi and other mindful physical/spiritual practices; good nutrition; reduction of stimulant use, eg. tea, coffee, sugar, cigarettes, alcohol; practices which promote good rest and sleep patterns; spending more time in nature; artistic expression; an increased positive attitude, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Schema Therapy.

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