Trauma Therapy

Many children, young people and adults experience trauma in some form or other, during their lives. Some people may experience multiple or long-term traumas due to their family situation, a physical illness or a series of overwhelming life events. Some people develop post traumatic stress or post traumatic stress disorder after a trauma or repeated traumas. Others may experience other forms of anxiety, or may become depressed, develop maladaptive beliefs, addictions, attachment difficulties, personality disorders, or seemingly untreatable physical conditions.

The nature of trauma, post traumatic stress or post traumatic stress disorder and how these affect people at so many levels is becoming better understood over time. There are now a number of very helpful trauma therapy and healing methods that assist people in resolving the many mental, emotional and physical effects of both ‘small t’ (eg. difficult experiences during birth, childhood, family/social situations etc) and ‘big t’ traumas (eg. assault, motor vehicle accident, natural disaster, surgery, developmental/childhood abuse, combat experience etc). By ‘resolving’, I mean that the myriad negative effects of the trauma have the potential to actually ‘go away’ because they have become fully processed or released. A wondrous and life-changing experience! The methods I currently use are EMDR and Somatic Experiencing, along with Dialectical Behaviour Therapy skills-training in mindfulness, emotion regulation and distress tolerance, within a holistic, empathic, trusting therapeutic relationship with my clients.

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Sharon Rasco, Counsellor and Psychologist (MAPS)
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